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Our storage bins are 20 feet long, so they can hold a large quantity of items of all sizes and shapes.

In today’s world, having access to what you need, when you need it is very common. When you want to make a purchase, all you have to do is pull out your mobile phone and place an order through an app. The same applies to your moving and storage needs – you should be able to have access to a solution that fits your needs. For years, the only option when it came to storage was to keep your stuff in a designated facility. However, at SOS Storage On Site, we’re working to change the concept of storage by offering more flexible and customizable solutions.

Storage Bins in Meaford, Ontario

Our convenient solution comes in the form of storage bins, which we bring to your property. After you receive your bin, you can start packing it with your belongings. Our storage bins are 20 feet long, so they can hold a large quantity of items of all sizes and shapes. They’re also extremely durable, rodent-proof, windproof, and watertight, so they’ll protect the items inside. By having a storage bin at your home, you can fill it up at your own pace, rather than having to load and unload all your stuff in one trip to a facility.

When the storage bins are loaded up, our team will come back to transport them. We can either take your bin to our storage facility, where it will stay secured until you’re ready for it at your new residence, or we can take it directly to your new home. Our storage solutions are available to those in Meaford, Ontario and much of the surrounding area.

FAQs About Storage Bins

Our team at SOS Storage On Site is committed to providing the storage solutions you need for any occasion. One of our most popular options is our storage bins, and to help you decide if this option is right for you, we have put together the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below for you to check out.

What are storage bins?

To many people, the term storage bins refers to the boxes you use to store holiday decorations—useful for that purpose, but not the right kind of container to store larger items in. Our storage bins, on the other hand, are also called shipping containers and are large metal boxes that can be used to hold a large volume of stuff, including furniture, until you can deal with it appropriately.

What can I put in storage bins?
You can use our storage bins to hold just about anything—after all, they are used to ship an endless variety of goods all around the world. The only thing you should be aware of when it comes to our storage bins is that they are not climate controlled, so you might want to avoid placing delicate items or anything that would be negatively affected by significant changes in temperature in these containers. For example, if you have a musical instrument, we recommend finding another place to store it.
What are your storage bins used for?
People have used our storage bins for too many purposes to list them all here, but we can provide a few examples. Many people use storage bins to store furniture and personal items while they show their house to potential buyers—removing these items makes the house look bigger and more appealing. Another common use for our storage bins is to house the user’s belongings and keep them safe while home renovations are in progress.