Off-Site Storage Solutions for Businesses

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It might seem that the only solution for storage for a business enterprise is having a huge warehouse or otherwise storing items on-site. It might surprise you that there can be several situations in which off-site storage could be a viable solution for your company. Here are a few examples:

  • Order fulfillment delay- You get a large order and work diligently to produce what they need, only to get the dreaded call that they would like to delay shipment. Now what? Do you let it take up valuable space in your warehouse? A better solution is to order a container that gets delivered to your business, load it with their order, and call for pick-up for off-site storage. When the customer is ready to receive the order, just let us know, ad we can deliver it right to your customer.

Off-Site Storage Solutions for Businesses

  • Storing bulk orders- There are many materials that are offered at lower prices certain times of the year or that you can get a better deal on if you order a large quantity. If it will be several weeks or even months until you need the materials, off-site storage can make more sense than having products in the way at your warehouse or even in an on-site container.
  • Relocating- If you plan to relocate your business, it can be helpful to load up nonessential equipment and materials ahead of time and utilize off-site storage until you need them at your new location. If you have a gap of time between locations, your items can remain with the storage facility until you are ready for them to be delivered.

These are just a few of the ways that the off-site storage solutions we offer at SOS Storage On Site can come to your rescue or assistance. If you drive around the Collingwood, Ontario area, you are sure to see some of our containers in use for on-site storage and being loaded for off-site storage. Call today to learn more about how we can help your company.