The Best Time to Rent a Storage Container

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People will tell you that there are better times to rent or buy a home than others just based on the season and current demand, but not many people consider that it might be the same for renting storage containers. Here is the best time to rent a storage container.

The Best Time to Rent a Storage Container

Rent When the Demand is Low

Similar to how you won’t likely go apartment shopping at the beginning of a semester if you live in a college town, you probably want to avoid storage shopping during the times of high demand as well. During the spring and summer are usually the months of highest demand for storage containers because those are popular moving times. You might find it difficult to find a good storage unit at a good price during those times.

It’s better to wait for times of lower demand whenever possible. The demand for storage units is often lower in the colder months of fall and winter because not many people are moving during that time. This is usually the best and easiest time to rent a storage container.

Renting in the Winter

Some people will complain about renting a new storage unit in the winter because they don’t want to deal with moving their things back and forth in the colder temperatures. That’s a valid concern, but with SOS Storage On Site, we will bring your storage container to your location. That way, you don’t have to deal with driving through the winter weather every time you want to access your storage.

Our storage containers are rodent-proof, windproof, and watertight, so you can feel assured that your items will rest securely against the elements in any season.

If you are looking to rent a storage container, call us at today SOS Storage On Site.