What Can You Store in Container Storage?

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You’re getting ready for a big move or maybe you just need a little extra space in your house or building, and it’s time to consider container storage. But what can you store in container storage?


  • Safe Against All the Elements- One of the most common concerns when deciding what is safe to store in a storage unit is how well it fares against the elements or pesky animals. Our storage containers at SOS Storage On Site are watertight, windproof, and rodent proof. You can safely store your favorite clothes or furniture and not worry about pulling them out a year later only to discover they’re waterlogged or smell like rodent urine. You can rest assured that your items will be kept safe and secured the entire time they’re in storage.
  • Large Enough to Pack Away Your House- You can’t really pack a full house into our storage containers, but you can fit all of your household items into them. We have 20’ long and 40’ long options that both are about 8’ wide and 8’6” high. You could easily fit several full-size couches or beds and still have room for lots of boxes and other furniture or appliances. You can also use container storage to safely store large equipment or smaller recreational vehicles for the season.
  • Great for Safekeeping- Our storage containers are for short-term or long-term use, so you can keep them right by your home, or we can take them back to our facility until you are ready to access them again. This makes them great for holding onto those mementos and sentimental items you don’t want to get rid of just yet, but they leave your house feeling cluttered. Go ahead and save all the little baby clothes and toys for your first grandchild in our storage containers, and we’ll keep them nice and safe for you until the time comes.

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