What Can You Store in Our Commercial Storage Containers?

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Do you own a large business that seems to be outgrowing the space you have? Or perhaps you need to start stocking up your products for the busy season? Consider renting commercial storage containers with us here at SOS Storage On Site. Here is what you can store in them.

What Can You Store in Our Commercial Storage Containers?

Extra-Large Sizing for Extra Production Storage

Our standard commercial storage containers measure 8’ wide, 8’6” high, and 20’ long. We also have a 40’ long option. With this sizing, you can store anything from boxes or shelves of bulk items when preparing for the busy seasons to large outdoor tools and equipment.

Secure and Safe From the Elements

With our commercial storage containers, you can feel safe storing food items or other fragile products. The containers are made of 8-guage steel, so they are rodent-proof, windproof, watertight, and one of the most secure storage options out there.

You don’t need to worry about your extra stock of baking mixes going bad or your latest clothing line getting ruined because our storage containers are built to keep your things safe.

Safe for Time-Sensitive Items

Our commercial storage containers are safe for time-sensitive materials as well because we will deliver the container to your lot, and you can keep it there as long as you need it. You don’t need to worry about driving your products down the road to a storage unit and forgetting about them until they go bad or are no longer useful because all you need to do is step outside to grab them from the storage container.

If you need extra room for building up your stock for the busy season or just extra room in general, consider renting a commercial storage container today.