What is Container Storage and How is
it Helpful?

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There are many ways that you can store things you don’t need to use right away. You might have an attic, basement, garage, or spare room that you use for this purpose. Your business could also have storage solutions for inventory, materials, supplies, and so forth. There may come a time when those solutions aren’t working out the way you’d like them to. When you reach that conclusion, it pays to look into container storage solutions.

What is Container Storage and How is it Helpful?

We can deliver a 20’ or 40’ steel storage container to your home, business, or job site so that you can load it at your leisure or use it for short-term or long-term storage on site. The advantages you can experience depend on how you plan to use the container. For example, if you are going to have us pick up the loaded container and store it for you, the advantages include being able to take your time to load it and not needing to drive across town multiple times to a self-storage facility. When you are ready to have your belongings returned, just call us to arrange delivery of the container.

Container storage is also an ideal solution when you are moving. Again, an advantage is being able to load at your own pace. You’ll save quite a bit of money over hiring professional movers and have peace of mind that your belongings will get to their final destination. Another benefit is that if you have a gap of time between leaving your current home and gaining access to the new one, we can store your container and deliver it when you are ready.

These are just a few of the many ways you can benefit from container storage. The potential solutions for both families and businesses are countless. If you are in the Collingwood, Ontario area and would like to know more about container storage solutions, reach out to us at SOS Storage On Site. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you with storage needs, moving, business uses, and more.