Off-Site Storage, Owen Sound, ON

Our off-site storage solution makes storing and moving items easier than ever.

For many people, the thought of putting items in storage involves keeping them off their property in a designated storage facility. It may come as a surprise to learn that you have more options available to you, including storage that is more flexible and customizable to your needs. At SOS Storage On Site, we make it easier to store your possessions without having to transport them to another location. We offer what we refer to as “off-site storage,” which means that the stuff is stored away from a traditional storage facility and on the property of the client.

Off-Site Storage in Owen Sound, Ontario

We’re a full-service storage and moving company that puts your needs first. Our goal in starting our business was to create a more flexible way to store items, particularly for those who are dealing with the hassles that come with relocating. Preparing to move is stressful enough and having to take multiple trips to a storage facility only adds to that stress. We’ll deliver a storage container to your Owen Sound, Ontario property, which you can fill at your own pace. It’s much easier to fill up the container that’s just beyond your front door than it is to load up a car or moving truck and transport your belongings to a facility.

When your container is ready, we can transport it to your new property, where you can then unload it into your residence at your own pace again. Our off-site storage solution makes storing and moving items easier than ever. Although we refer to the process as off-site storage, we’ll give you the flexibility of keeping the container stored on your property for easy access at any time.

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