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Our portable commercial storage containers are an ideal solution for temporary storage needs.

Most businesses find it challenging to have the right amount of warehouse space. They tend to have too little, which can cramp their progress and success, or too much, so some of it remains unused. When you are searching for the right location for your new Thornbury, Ontario business, you might be inclined to get as much warehouse space as your budget will allow. However, here at SOS Storage On Site, we have a practical suggestion that can save you money. We recommend choosing a space that fits your needs for an average month and then turn to us for portable commercial storage containers for those occasional times when you need more space. That way, you aren’t paying for space you don’t need all the time.

Commercial Storage in Thornbury, Ontario

Our portable commercial storage containers let you take advantage of a bulk sale on materials, take on a large order that came up unexpectedly, handle a seasonal boost in production, or manage any other temporary situation in which you need a bit more storage space. Our containers are well-constructed and will keep your inventory or other items quite secure. They are rodent-proof, windproof, and watertight. In addition, they are made of 8-gauge steel, making them one of the most secure options available. We have two sizes available for commercial storage. Our standard is 8’ wide, 8’6” high, and 20’ long. We also have a 40’ long option.

If you would like to know more about our portable commercial storage containers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to deliver one to you right away!

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