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We have a better solution than what typical self-storage facilities have to offer.

Self-Storage in Collingwood, Ontario
Think about what a typical self-storage situation looks like. You have to load up the items you want to store, drive them across town, and then unload them into a storage unit. Often, self-storage facilities do not excel in security and protection of your assets. That’s a lot of work to go through just to make a bit of extra space at your Thornbury, Ontario home or business. At SOS Storage On Site, we have a better solution. We offer portable containers that we deliver to your address so that you can load at your leisure and then call us to come pick it up. We can store your container until you need it or transport it to another location of your choosing.

Our take on self-storage is an ideal solution during the moving process, as you won’t have to drive a moving truck or deal with a pushy moving company. You won’t have to accomplish the loading of your belongings in just a day, so you can do your packing and loading in your spare time rather than lose time off work or otherwise disrupt your normal schedule.

You can also rent our containers for long-term storage at your place or ours. While self-storage facilities are suitable for items you need to have frequent access to, our solution is best when you are moving or have items you need stored that you won’t need for a while. We’re also the best option when you need better security, as our containers are rodent-proof, windproof, and watertight. They are also constructed out of 8-gauge steel, so they are quite secure and you can confidently store valuables. Reach out today with any questions you might have or to reserve a container.

Self-Storage in Collingwood, ON
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