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Buying storage units can be cost-effective and provide you with the space you need.

When you need to store your belongings, you may think that the only option available is a rented storage unit. While this can be a solution, renting a storage unit can get expensive, especially when you need the space for a long period of time. You also have to drive back and forth to get to the unit when you need to add more belongings to it or get something out. At SOS Storage On Site, we take a unique approach to traditional storage solutions. We offer storage containers that are delivered to your property, providing easy accessibility and convenience.

Buying Storage Units in Meaford, Ontario

You can rent our storage units, although that’s not the only option we offer. If you plan to keep your stuff in storage for a long period of time, buying storage units may be a better choice for you. Buying storage units can be cost-effective and provide you with the space you need. We offer them to clients in and near Meaford, Ontario. Our wide service area ensures that many people can get access to our unique and functional storage solutions.

When buying storage units, you will want to be sure that the containers are secure and durable. Ours are made of 8-gauge steel, so they are extremely secure and can be used to storage valuables with confidence. These units are also watertight, windproof, and rodent-proof, protecting your items from the risks of climate conditions and bothersome pests. For more information about buying storage units or any of our other storage solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAQs About Buying Storage Units

Here at SOS Storage On Site, we know that the costs of renting a storage unit can quickly add up, so we offer an alternative—we’ll sell you a mobile storage unit. Below, you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about buying storage units, and we hope that this information helps you make the right decision for your needs.

What should I consider before buying storage units?

One question that people often have about the prospect of buying storage units is how to figure whether it’s better to buy a unit outright or rent one from a larger facility. The answer to this question depends on your individual needs—if you will only need to store your belongings for a short while, then renting is probably the right choice for you. In contrast, if you expect to need the extra storage for a year or more, than it’s probably better to buy one—although the initial investment is higher than that for a rental, you will save money in the long run.

Where should I keep my new storage unit?

Another thing that people are often concerned about when it comes to buying storage units is where they will keep them. Many people have enough space in their yards to comfortably accommodate a storage container, but not everyone wants to sacrifice that much yard space. Fortunately, our team offers a second option—rather than keep your new storage unit on your property, you can store it on our dedicated lot. Our team will keep your unit just as secure as it would be on your property (if not more so), while also helping you free up the space that it would otherwise take up.