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Buying storage units is a great way to create extra storage on your property.

Do you need extra storage on your property? Finding enough room to store the things you need can really be a challenge. Sure, you could build a storage shed or a detached garage for extra storage but sometimes that is too expensive or too much work. If you have extra things you need to store on your property, we have a great solution for you: buying storage units. We offer quality storage container units that you can purchase from us to store on site right on your property. These units are an easy way to create more storage for your property and a safe and effective way to store all of the things you need to store.

Buying Storage Units in Thornbury, Ontario

Buying storage units is the perfect storage option for both your home and your business. These units offer great storage solutions and are very convenient. They can hold a lot of things, so you are sure to have plenty of room to store the things you need. Plus, having the unit right on your property will give you easy access to the things you are storing, which makes it very convenient. You do not have to plan a special trip to an off-site storage unit that is only open during business hours. You can have access to your unit any time day or night, and it is just a short walk away. We will deliver the unit right to your Thornbury, Ontario home or business and will place it exactly where you want it.

If you are interested in buying storage units for your home or business, call us today at SOS Storage On Site for more information. We will answer all of your questions, go over our available options for storage units, and also go over pricing with you. We will then arrange a time to drop the storage unit off to your specified location. It is quick, easy, and convenient. As an added bonus you will have a permanent place to store items you do not have room for or don’t currently need to use, taking care of all of your storage needs.

FAQs About Buying Storage Units

While most storage facilities rent out units for a monthly rate, our team at SOS Storage On Site takes a different approach, and will sell you a mobile storage unit. The possibility of buying storage units is a novel one to many people, so our team has put together the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below for you to check out.

Where should I keep my storage unit once I buy it?

One question about buying storage units that we receive the most often boils down to, “But where would I put it?” This is an understandable concern, as many people lack the space to keep a storage unit in their yard, and many others simply don’t want to store it on-site. Fortunately, when you buy one of our units, you will have the option to keep it on our dedicated lot, rather than having to find room for it on your property if you choose.

How can I determine if buying storage units is the right choice for me?

Another question that we often get about buying storage units is how to figure out whether doing so is the right move for the asker’s situation. Whether it’s better to rent or to buy largely comes down to how long you expect to need the unit—if you only need to store your belongings over a short term, such as while your home is being renovated, then renting is probably the right choice. On the other hand, if you will likely need to store your things for a year or more, or even permanently, then you should buy a unit, as the upfront cost will be cheaper in the long run than paying rent month after month.