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Our storage facilities are designed with versatility and customized solutions in mind.

When SOS Storage On Site first started in the 1990s, there weren’t many storage facilities offering service in or near the Owen Sound, Ontario area. Storage facilities are used for a wide range of purposes, particularly among those who are relocating but may have a gap of time between when they leave their current home and can move into the next location. The process of buying and selling real estate often involves such a gap, so our company owners set out to solve this problem by offering storage solutions to locals.

Storage Facilities in Owen Sound, Ontario

Although many storage facilities have since opened in the area, we remain committed to providing a different approach to storage. We come to you, delivering a 20-foot storage bin to your property that you can fill at your own pace. As you pack your belongings, you can place the boxes into the secure storage bin, getting them out of the way and clearing out space to continue the packing process. When it’s full of your belongings, our experienced storage technicians can transport it safely to your new location. We’re also available to unload the storage bin at your new home, simplifying this step in the moving process.

If you need to keep your stuff stored for a longer period of time, we can store your container at our secure site. We also provide self-storage units when you need to access the belongings inside more frequently. Our storage facilities are designed with versatility and customized solutions in mind. Contact us to get started.

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