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Say goodbye to the hassles of storage facilities when you rely on us for flexible storage.

Storage facilities are available all over Thornbury, Ontario and much of the surrounding area. A traditional storage facility includes separated sections with locking doors that people can rent to store their belongings. However, this traditional approach to storage can create some challenges. Loading and unloading your stuff is a lot of work and renting a vehicle large enough to transport bulky furniture items and big boxes may be expensive. If you need to get to your stored items, you have to leave your home and drive to the facility. Storage facilities can also cost a lot in rental fees.

Storage Facilities in Thornbury, Ontario

Instead of taking this traditional, less convenient approach to storage, contact us at SOS Storage On Site to learn more about the flexible mobile storage solutions we provide to our clients. We’re different from a standard facility because we deliver storage containers to each client’s property. When you have a storage container on site, you can load and unload it at your own pace.

You always have access to your stuff when you need it, and your possessions will be protected in a heavy-duty container made of high-gauge steel that is windproof, rodent-proof, and watertight. When the container is packed, we can transport it to your new location or keep it stored for you until you’re ready for it. Say goodbye to the hassles of storage facilities when you rely on us for flexible storage. We want to make the storage process easier on you. Contact us to request a quote for a storage container at your home or business.

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